About Us

Kriti Photography Club is a group of photo image makers born out of the teachings of our mentor Mr Tirtha Dasgupta, ARPS, APSA, AISF, EFIAP, FBPS, AIIPC, FFIP, Hon.FPSNJ, Hon.FSoF, Hon.FICS, Hon.PESGSPC, Hon.FSAP. Kriti Photography Club also operates as the Alumni Association of the School of Fototechnik. We work as a support system to our alma mater apart from our own activities.

We have been very actively involved in the organising of the Pictura 2015 and 2016 International Salon of Photography organised by our institute the School of Fototechnik. We have gained lot of knowledge and experience through our involvement in these salons and felt the desire to organise another one ourselves, of course with the full guidance of our mentor and all other senior members of our institute.

The Kriti Photography Club members have been participating in National and International Salons since a very a long time. Some of our members have got a very long list of Awards and Acceptances from international salons both from within the country and from several countries abroad. Many of our members have bagged accolades – National Distinctions: 10 ASoF, 8 FSoF, 8 AFIP, 6 FFIP, 2 LIIPC, 2 AIIPC, 1 FIIPC; International Distinctions: 4 ARPS, 1 APSA, 4 AFIAP, 3 EFIAP, 2 FBPS. More members are preparing for such accolades and soon the list is sure to get enlarged.

Our mentor has recently been honoured with the Honorary Fellowships from School of Fototechnik and from the Photographic Society of New Jersey, New Jersey USA. It was in 2011 that the Photographic Society of America conferred on him the APSA Honour for his contribution and selfless service for the development and propagation of photography in the country.

The Kriti Photography Club is a member of the Federation of Indian Photography and an organisational life member of the India International Photographic Council. We regularly participate in the FIP Interclub Competition and every year we maintain a high ranking position among all Indian clubs. In 2016 we achieved the 10th position among 52 clubs. We are the only active photography club in Delhi, the capital city of India.

Some of our regular activities:

  • Monthly Meetings: to interact and share anything in photography among members.
  • Discuss and review the introduction of new equipment.
  • Interact and get market feedback from photographic suppliers.
  • Update our knowledge of the fast changing digital technology.

We invite anybody seriously interested in photography to join us as a Guest Member and to become a Regular Member it is suggested to join the School of Fototechnik.

We are organising our first International Salon of Photography and we request you all to participate. The Closing Date of Submission of Entries is 12 December 2016.